Cedars Sponsor Campus  Dinner

Cedars Celebrate Their 13th Anniversary

The Cedars of Lebanon – the mature ministry of the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ- celebrated our 13th Anniversary Saturday April 13th at Andy’s Diner on Ridge Ave in Conshohocken. Our ministry encompasses disciples arriving at the age of 55 and those graciously approaching that age. A ministry that is aware of the many needs of those gracefully aging.

John Gaines opened our meeting, as always, with prayer as we headed off to our buffet breakfast and our usual chat and chew.

John always starts our meetings with funny stories and/or jokes as we continue our journies into aging. Our agenda included plans of how the Cedars encourage other ministries of the church- single parents, campus, our donations to our sister churches in India and our road trips to encourage other sister churches, to name a few.

God has blessed us with His grace and continues to allow us to be both fruitful and faithful in our work.
To God be the Glory!


Cedars Support Lehigh Valley Planting 

Ready, Set, Go.

GPCC Cedars of Lebanon took a road trip, Sunday September 23rd to Lehigh Valley for the planting of the Lehigh Valley Church. They had itsworship service in a conference room at the Iacocca Hall which is on the top of the mountain,  with all of the Bethlehem section of the Lehigh Valley spread out before us. It was really a great turnout with members from our different churches, Philadelphia, Delaware, Hershey, visitors from Lehigh Valley. Kurt Flinchbaugh gave a great message, the topic was Ready, Set, Go.
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Trust In Him!
The Cedars of Lebanon 2018 Conference !

The Cedars of Lebanon, the Mature Ministry of The Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ hosted our 2018 Conference. We were at the Embassy Suites Airport on September 15, 2018. The title for our conference was Trust in Him. Our guest speakers were John and Pat Brush.

The conference also featured Brenda McCoy Hunter , author of “Essential Conversations Across Generations”, who spoke to us about retirement and how to plan for that important step in our lives. Brenda is an international trainer, a certified career transition coach and a published author. She is committed to and passionate about inspiring and developing people toward new heights in life. She has presented to groups in Europe and Asia and Canada. She has worked with people from the parking lot to the boardroom. Her past activities include being a college commencement speaker and a University Alumni Banquet keynote speaker.

Essential Conversations  Across Generations

“When an old man dies, a Library burns down” – Old African Proverb
What a travesty! Essential Conversations Across Generations is a book about slowing down our journeys treasures and rescuing the knowledge and wisdom stored up through generations of family history. It is meant to guide and inspire you to share your own unique experiences and to consider the tremendous value of the ex-periences of those around you. ……………

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Our other speaker was Barbara R. Jones with the Alzheimer’s Association who spoke to us about Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. We finished our evening with dinner, entertainment and dancing. The day was very inspiring and we got to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ from Virginia, New York, Baltimore, North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, Philadelphia. A great time was enjoyed by all.

Cedars Visit Mountain Rock

Cedars of Lebanon took a road trip on Saturday, July 14, 2018. The purpose of our trip was to have our monthly Cedars meeting with the mature ministry of the Mountain Rock Church of Christ. Our meeting was held at the home of Dacio and Diana Moraes in Lenanon, PA. A great time was had by all.

GPCC Cedars Visit  Delhi


Cedars Worship With 

Sunday September 24th, 2017

Posted by Potomac Valley Church on Sunday, September 24, 2017

On September 23, 2017, the Cedars traveled south to visit the Potomac Valley Church of Christ (PVCOC). Forty-four passengers on a deluxe David Tours coach headed out Saturday morning, ready for a long-anticipated visit with the Cornerstone Ministry, the mature disciples of PVCOC.