Cedars Travel to NY


On September 20, 2015, The Cedars of Lebanon Ministry went on our second trip for this year.
We visited the Queens sector of The New York Church of Christ.
It was a wonderful trip.  We rekindled and made some new friends.  Four of our Cedars shared their conversion story during worship and Mr. & Mrs. Gaines shared the communion message. We took gift bags to encourage the single moms.  We all came away super encouraged by the lunch provided for us after church and the fellowship with other Cedar age disciples in the Queens church.
There was approximately 40 of us who went.  God blessed us with great weather and a safe trip.
To God Be The Glory.
Ethel Jenkins
Thank you so much for your visit to Queens.  I am a single mom (of four) and I received one of your thoughtful gifts. Your visit to Queens was truly inspirational and encouraging.  One thing that I took from this visit is that I need to trust that God does things in his time.  You are never too old to serve God.  We all have gifts to share.  All your stories were so different and each one was relatable.   Its easy for me to think that the older one is, the harder it is for someone to see the need for God because you are set in your ways.   I have a deeper appreciation for the mature in my ministry as they are truly a source of guidance and wisdom for me.  I know I still have so much to learn and I do appreciate their hearts so much.  They serve wholeheartedly and are so united.  They set the pace for me for the example they set in how they serve.  They are the most hospitable and they stay planning fun activities…lol. There are plenty in our ministry that my family treat as honorary aunts and uncles who we have the pleasure of spending time with.
Thanks again for your visit, prayerfully we can return the visit.


It was a great pleasure having the Philadelphia church ministry, Cedars of Lebanon, visiting us at NYC Church of Christ in Queens. To have a mature group traveling to encourage all ages to stay focus on God through all problems gives me hope that age is never a factor in life for God. You show life is for the living and even better with acknowledgement of God. You are a beautiful fun group and i do hope to join you in your own next conference.  

Cynthia Alston