Cedars Visit Richmond

Cedars Travel to Richmond, Va.

Cedars Richmond Trip by Yolonda Brewster
This was an awesome trip. Starting with the bus ride, (we Cedars really know how to have fun). When we arrived at our destination, we were meet by an enthusiast group of desciples from the Richmond Church of Christ. After meeting my host, we travelled to the mall and were meet again by desciples whom we joined to share our faith. This was incredible, to see so many of us reaching out to other souls, and having great conversations. I believe God was pleased to see his children coming together from Pa.tri-state to Richmond to do his will.Now my host and I headed to her home. She shared with me that she just got engaged. She is a lovely young woman of God, who opened her lovely apartment, which she shared with her mother. They were both incredibly hospitable. As I entered my room there was a basket of goodies just for me. They not only opened their home but their hearts as well.
Now Sunday Service was amazing as well, from John and Eve sharing the communion message, to Dave and Regina sharing their conversion stories. Tony Williams gave the message from the book of Ephesians. I took from that, the part about the walking dead and how we can be walking spiritually dead.After service we meet again at the mall for lunch and more fellowship before boarding our bus to head home.We all left feeling awe – inspired, knowing God had blessed us beyond imagination. We also felt God had designed the disciples we should house with. Acts 17:26b and the exact places where they should live.We truly want to thank the Richmond disciplines for their hearts, the leaders Tony Williams and his wife, and John and Eve Gaines for all the planning that went into making this a phenomenal weekend.

More Cedars Adventures by Abby Whittington
In preparation for our journey we were asked to study Ephesians 3:20 because it was the scripture the Greater Richmond Church of Christ was using for their outreach day. This doxology promises that God is able to do infinitely or immeasurably more than we can hope or imagine. As I read and prayed through this passage I saw it come alive in my life even before I boarded the bus to Virginia.

Our mission was to go down to encourage the church and evangelize the city of Petersburg where the Richmond church is planning to plant a church. Thirty some disciples boarded the bus and set off. There was music playing and dancing in the aisles. People were singing and there was the usual Cedars’ chatter as we traveled.

Upon arrival the church met us with much fanfare and we were paired with our host families. Yes, host families. The church made certain that we all were housed with fellow disciples. Sound familiar? This is only the beginning. We all went to a mall for a meal, more discipleship 101. Then we set out to evangelize the mall! Talk about a fun afternoon! Think about the scripture we went in with. God gave us a beautiful Saturday afternoon so that the mall would be bursting with potential fruit. The harvest is plentiful.

Towards evening we went back to the homes of our hosts where they fed us as if we had never eaten. I hear one sister from Philly almost put her host family out. She was so wrapped up in the fellowship she didn’t realize it was 11:00pm. She jumped up to clean and was putting folks out! She felt so at home.

On Sunday we worshipped at the Beacon Theater in Hopewell. The service was wonderful including great singing, the message by Tony Williams and the fellowship continued. I turned to wave at someone and noticed a couple we’d invited on Saturday had come to worship with us. Thank you, God. There were other visitors as well. I sat next to another couple who were visiting. After church “ended” we gathered in the rear of the theater for a baptism. The Cedars were on a tight schedule but the church didn’t seem to be phased. They were enjoying sharing about this young lady and her walk with Jesus before baptizing her. Our souls were inspired. God is doing infinitely more than we could hope or imagine this weekend. He will take care of the schedule. And that he did!

The ride back to Philly was louder than the ride down to Virginia for God had done so much more than any of us could have imagined. The Cedars’ hearts were refreshed. “A generous person will prosper; refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25.

Cedars Road Trip by Sam Pierce
On the weekend of April 18-19, the Cedars took a road trip to encourage the Richmond Church. Even though I am not in the Cedars Ministry yet, I look forward to being a member, in due time.

I had made plans to visit my daughter, Nikki, that same weekend a few months ago but when I found out that the Cedars were taking a bus trip, I decided to ride along with them on the David’s Tour bus.

Our journey to Richmond was great! We enjoyed the laughter, fellowship, rest, snacks and spiritual music. As we reached our destination, there were lots of brothers and sisters from the Richmond church waiting eagerly to host us. Everyone on the bus had received a schedule for the weekend which included a list of the host families, where we were meeting for church on Sunday and a map with the location for bus pick up for our return to Philly. We also received a Cedars gift bag with some goodies and a “Thank You” card to give to the host families.

The host families and the Cedars went to Panera for lunch then went to evangelize. I, however, went to spend time with my daughter. Nikki and I had a great time together along with her roommate. I always feel very welcomed whenever I stay at her place.

On Sunday morning, we had an awesome time worshiping God together. Having been to the Richmond church several times, I have made friends with brothers and sisters there. The church was so inspired by the Cedars taking the time to travel down to encourage them. The host families felt so blessed to have the Cedars in their home. After church, they joined us all for lunch at the mall. When lunch and fellowship ended, we boarded the bus to head back home.

The ride on the bus to Philly was wonderful. There was laughter, fellowship about the time well spent with the Richmond church and rest. We made it back safely. To God Be The Glory.