GBCC Mature Group


On September 11, 2016 (Grandparents Day), the Mature Ministry of the Greater Baltimore Church of Christ (GBCOC) led the church’s first ever Sunday service. We participated in every aspect of the worship from leading the songs, welcoming members and visitors, sharing for the Communion, encouraging for the contribution, and sharing our conversion stories. Our service opened with a praise dance by senior members of a dance troupe from Baltimore. The response was encouraging, (an article about our “WISDOM SERVICE” appeared in   Discipleship Today.)

On November 20, we held a meeting for church members 55 and over in order to resurrect the ministry of unnamed2012/2013. The response was encouraging and we currently have 20 members. We are calling it the Mature Ministry but the name could change to something a bit more “catchy.” We are organized to serve and support the Church by sharing our experiences, knowledge, skills and talents; by continuing to share our faith; by leading by example; by helping one another and others to grow spiritually; and just by making a difference.

Yesterday Larry and I sort of hosted a Holiday Potluck “Bruncheon” and White Elephant gift exchange after service (I say “sort of hosted”) because we planned it, did the decorations, and provided most of the food, but others also brought some food items.

We are NOT a Bible Talk, Family Group, or Small Group—each member should already be in a group. Our goal is to meet on the first Sunday of each month right after church service. This plan makes it easier and convenient for some of the members who don’t drive or who don’t drive at night.

Due to the GBCOC midnight service on December 31, our next meeting is scheduled for January 8, 2017.